Irresistible show full of sexy angels: Fashion Show Victoria`s Secret is the most famous festival of fashion!

The parade Runway Victoria `s Secret appeared several thematic fashion circles. The first “wow” can not fail to mention the beautiful clothing models Adriana Lima, who walked the catwalk in her bra studded with diamonds and sapphires at approximately $ 2,000,000. It was also Adriana Lima, who incidentally are tossed a few mini-dance tracks with R & B star Akon

The show was divided into five thematic areas

Other topics fashion show Victoria `s Secret are exotic” Wild Things “(Wild Things), a heavy metal” fierce Love “(Tough Love), an innocent yet flirty” Celestial Body “(Heavenly Bodies), then a fashionable topic of sports-oriented” game (game on) and stylish “Country Girls” (Country Girls). For the occasion, model Lindsay Ellingson wearing straw corset and Alessandra Ambrosio took on a chiffon sleeve and the small girl’s panties with the bra in an equally fine color and theme.

Unlike other brands in fashion shows, vintage clothing are Featured Victoria `s Secret fashion show at (the last is true) the only important one. They are also sophisticated and around the world so well-known author’s wings and other props Victoria `s Secret, which is almost the hallmark of the fashion house. Other uniqueness were the last show the boxing gloves, peacocks tails and many other exclusive feature of this and other fashion shows Victoria `s Secret fashion almost regularly do festivals.

Several Catwalk models get their first year wing Victoria `s Secret. This act is literally transferred and figurative models mark the coronation of Victoria `s Secret. So was crowned this year Heartherton example, Erin, Lily Aldridge and Candice Swanepoel.

The difference between the number of new models and permanent Victoria `s Secret Angels were nonetheless significant. As if the runway lacked the proper dedication and passion. Doutzen Kroes and Miranda Ker on the catwalk have undergone since they were both pregnant. Victoria `s Secret wings this year after many years of taking down the famous Heidi Klum.


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