Cacharel – Paris Fashion Week – Spring 2012

This is a really neat collection with cool scissor cuts in some of their pieces. It’s really girly and somewhat new generation high fashion everyday outfits, put together in fashionable ways from what we’ve seen in the so far spring 2000’ds.

I like that it’s a great example of how high fashion can look normal and immediately wearable.

It’s really flexible attires, because you could go to work without having to change clothes before going to a club or the beach. Clothes like these are meant for a day where you are ready to go anywhere.

It’s a mix cultured runway show that pinpoints on how every type of female can pull off a sweet look with fashion.

The pastels and different colored heels brings colors  in to the spring collection of clothes.

Although thin fabrics can come off as “bitter” or “sloppy”, every item is shaped really nicely and contoured along with the best parts of the high fashion female body’s standard curves.

Mellow and feminine clothes are wonderful, because they don’t belong to any genre and expresses female independence with less statement on anything else. Plus, it carries a sexual privacy feel and shows professionalism and character in a tasteful way.

Aileen N 02/08/12


Jean Paul Gaultier – Make-Up Collection Monsieur

Jean Paul Gaultier, born April 24th, 1952,  is a French Haute Couture popular culture designer and the one who has perfume bottles shaped as female and male bodies. He is also a TV figure that hosted for the TV show Euro Trash. He never practiced formal training, but took notes on street wear.

His first individual collection was released 1976 and his irreverent style dates started 1981.

He recently created a perfectly wonderful make-up collection for men called Monsieur. In his collection, he doesn’t mention metro sexuality, trans gendered men or vanity by having “disco” colors or feminine tones and shades in eye shadows and blushes.

He changed things up by having different colored eye pencils called “guyliner”.

Amongst that, his collection consists of : Concealer’s and The Men Pen for under eye rings in 17 different shades; Foundations, Powders and Bronzers that are silk enriched to give off a faux tan. They also consist of chamomile and grape seed extracts to protect the skin from dryness and sun-damage; Eye brow gel that is a transparent gel made to tame the eye brows and hold stray hairs and a Lip balm in three different flavors: Shea butter, Black Tea and Blackberry, Grapefruit and Ginger. They all have a 25 SPF factor.

Aileen N.